guardMailto update

After implementing guardMailto on a few web sites, I realized I hadn’t done a good job of handling cases in which the link text should be the email address itself, e.g.,


new mwmw.guardMailto("contactMe", "test", "example", {linkText:""});

is not a good solution because it leaves a valid email address in the page body where spammers can find it. Oops.

If you’re comfortable writing JavaScript, you might realize that the value of linkText can be any expression that evaluates to a string. So you could hide the address by doing something like this:

new mwmw.guardMailto("contactMe", "test", "example", {linkText:("test"+String.fromCharCode(64)+"example."+"com")});

But that’s clunky, redundant, and less than user-friendly for web designers who don’t care to be JavaScript gurus. The obvious thing to do was to add an option to automatically replace the original link text with the address itself, so that’s why I did for version 1.0.01. Just set option linkAddress to true like this:

new mwmw.guardMailto("contactMe", "test", "example", {linkAddress:true});

On a related note, guardMailto is perhaps a little less secure than my original “munge” library in that the default implementation does include a user name and domain string in plain text in the page. The fancier sample page has been updated to demonstrate a technique that bypasses this limitation.

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